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Biking from PYK to Santa Fe Beach

Biking from PYK to the public beach, Santa Fe Beach, is an easy 5 km. ride. The beach is located a few minutes away from the Tulum ruins. When you really just want to lie on the beach, with your snacks, sandwiches, fruits, drinks, and that book you’ve been waiting to dive into, this is where to […]

Escondido Cenote

Cenotes !! You know you’ve reached paradise when along the main road entering this part of the Yucatan, there are signs left and right (literally) both sides of the road… for Cenotes! Today, we’ll explore Escondido Cenote, near Posada Yum Kin Hotel, just a little outside of Tulum. Cenotes are a tranquil way to spend […]

One Stop Shopping near PYK Hotel in Tulum

So you’ve arrived at your destination, PYK Hotel in Tulum, get to your suite, to find that you have this beautifully well equipped kitchen waiting for you. One of the first things I’m sure you want to do is go grocery shopping. Located on “the beach road” also known as Boca Pailla, a few steps […]

Mojito Bar near PYK Hotel in Tulum

Near Posada Yum Kin Hotel in Tulum, is Batey, Mojito and Guarapo bar, a sweet place to get together with friends for a really good, cold drink and its rated number 20 out of 127 attractions in Tulum. The family that owns this bar, is like watching an Italian movie. Watching them all work together […]

Aquachiles of Tulum

Aquachiles of Tulum has definitely got to be one of the best restaurants with the yummiest Mexican food in Tulum. For those who are vegan and vegetarian, you’ll be especially delighted. I am vegetarian and I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find a tasty Mexican dish in town that’s not rice, avocados […]

La Nave Pizzeria

Italian specialties are abundant with open dining. La Nave Pizzeria, in the center of the “pueblo”, is just a few minutes from Posada Yum Kin Hotel.

Amazing Personal Photo Shoot

Amazing Personal Photo Shoot sessions are back with Jennifer and Manual from Bicoastal Images. Have an anniversary, a birthday or just need some new awesome shots ‘just because’? We’ll help you book a session at a nearby beach, ruins or cenote.   Wedding portrait packages available, too! Here is a link that shows some of their work […]