sian ka an

Sian Kaan in Tulum and Sian Kaan Tours

sian-ka-an-biosphereWhat is Sian Ka’an? Well, Sian Kaan in Tulum is the second largest biosphere reserve in the world.  It is the home of regional species surrounded by water and reef. You can also find 23 known archaeological sites from the Mayan civilization.

Coming to Tulum is not only about seeing the beautiful and spectacular beaches, that are next to the amazing Mayan ruins overlooking the breath-taking blue ocean. There are dozens of things to do here in town. By being an outsider, I learned that myself. When my guests come down and ask me what I think they should do for a tour, I never hesitate on saying, “Go to a Sian Ka’an!”

The tour involves an amazing boat ride through canals of water, where you can see different kind of vegetation and fauna in the ecosystem (if you are lucky enough you get to see a couple of crocodiles from afar). One of the most popular tours is the one that involves floating in a section of the canal. You might say, floating in the canals and crocodiles? Well, to be honest I get that question a lot. But do not worry, it is a complete secure area where you actually do the floating, no crocs there (unless you want to wear your plastics ones!). You can easily spend an entire morning there. Normally the companies who provide the service include regional food on the rate, which normally is amazing fresh fish/vegetables. Imagine spending your morning in a boat, seeing a bunch of birds, watching the ocean collide with still water, visiting some ruins and letting yourself float for half an hour with no effort at all before hitting some fresh cooked Mayan food, sounds nice right?

Not a fan of the water or floating? There are also other options, such as bird watching, kayaking or even a sunset wine and cheese tour, if you feel like it.

*Sian Kaan Tours try to keep their impact on the ecosystems as small as possible.