Santa Fe Beach

Biking from PYK to Santa Fe Beach

Santa Fe Beach

Biking from PYK to the public beach, Santa Fe Beach, is an easy 5 km. ride. The beach is located a few minutes away from the Tulum ruins. When you really just want to lie on the beach, with your snacks, sandwiches, fruits, drinks, and that book you’ve been waiting to dive into, this is where to go.

Leaving the hotel, you’ll make your way to Tulum Blvd and turn left.
Take Tulum blvd past the two traffic lights, satellite and Coba road/beach road where 7-Eleven is on your right.
Follow Tulum Blvd towards Cancun on the brick bike path (on the right side of the road) 2 kilometers past the first Pemex gas station on your right.

Alongside most of the trail, there is greenery to your right, and is usually not occupied by many other bikers.
Usually you will run into vendors selling either fruits, icees or bread on this path.
When you arrive at the second Pemex you have now a choice, a ride through the Pemex parking lot and make a left , where you’ll ride through the Ruins parking lot and walk the bike through the shopping areas towardsthe ruins or  the other option is to skip the shops and short cut, but continue on Tulum Blvd until you are at the corner of the Bike Hostel and ADO station make a right.

Either path will take you to ruins where you’ll continue on that road which curves to the right, you’ll pass a taxi area with poles in the road, so cars cannot enter. A few pedals longer, on your left is the entrance to Santa Fe Beach.

Outside the entrance is sweet older man selling “coco frio” from 20-30 pesos depending on the season.Santa Fe Beach
He will cut the coconut when you are finished drinking it and give you chili or lime.
Park your bike by a palm tree over the hill closer to the beach, and take those shoes off! The initial sight of the turquoise ocean from the hill makes you want to run for it! Santa Fe Beach has the view of the ruins to the left and a small inexpensive Mexican restaurant directly at your right, where you can get tacos, tortillas and various other snacks and beverages.
This beach has a lot of room for paddle ball, frisbee, exercise, or just lying under the Caribbean sunshine, on the pink sanded beach in between refreshing dips in the calm blue sea.
The entrance-way has a vendor with small boats available for quick snorkeling at the reefs and ocean views of the ruins.
Enjoy your days at what we here in Tulum call “The local beach”.