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One Stop Shopping near PYK Hotel in Tulum

bakery shopSo you’ve arrived at your destination, PYK Hotel in Tulum, get to your suite, to find that you have this beautifully well equipped kitchen waiting for you.
One of the first things I’m sure you want to do is go grocery shopping.
Located on “the beach road” also known as Boca Pailla, a few steps off Tulum avenue is Chedraui Supermarket.
They have a large selection of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads, and even a large organic section; favored by yogis, health conscious people, and ex-pats who live here year round. They have several aisles with many various groceries, a huge selection of yogurt and dairy in the back and also their own bakery.
Chedraui, is the only supermarket in Tulum that carries American, European, and Canadian brands for those with their “must haves”.
The wine and beer selection is quite large, and I’m sure you’ll find something to satisfy your desire for the day and fill up that cooler to bring to the beach. Pacifico and Negro Modelo are two great tasting Mexican beers!

If you’d like to make sandwiches they have these small “hero” sized rolls for about 2 pesos! The cheeses and meats are all in the back section as well for your sandwich pleasure. They carry various peppers and olives to garnish your afternoon treat, that are “deli style” in containers to go.

fresh produce marketThe produce section carries various local fruits depending on the season. Mangoes, pineapples, and mandarin oranges, are all locally grown. You can also get these fruits, along with papaya and melons already cut up to take with you to the beach in that same area of the store. Grab a bunch of Platano, salt, and some local coconut oil and fry up a bunch of chips when you return from the beach. If coffee is your pleasure, you’ll find a great selection of Mexican ground coffee beans along with American Brands in the same aisle as well as various teas.

This supermarket also has an electronic section in case you forgot batteries, or any camera/cell phone related needs such as SD CARDS. There is a pharmacy, clothing section, and housewares. They also have a large selection for beach activities including games, snorkels, bathing suits, and suntan lotions.

Enjoy the all in one, air conditioned, shopping pleasure of Chedraui Tulum.
Supermarket Chedraui
Calle Neptuno, Mz 4, Lote 1, SM 2, Tulum, Q.R.
01 800 925 1111
7:00 am – 11:00 pm

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