Aquachiles of Tulum

Al fresco dining at Aquachilis in TulumAquachiles of Tulum has definitely got to be one of the best restaurants with the yummiest Mexican food in Tulum. For those who are vegan and vegetarian, you’ll be especially delighted.
I am vegetarian and I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find a tasty Mexican dish in town that’s not rice, avocados or beans. Not that those aren’t yummy, but I can prepare that at home, as you can too in your kitchen at PYK… you can read that in a blog titled:
“10 minutes to shopping (including the one block walk) for cooking in the room”

So lets start with a drink. Mexico has so many tastes and smells that are found nowhere else in the world, and making drinks and meals out of them makes what you eat here fresh almost all the time. The drinks or bebedos in Spanish are really delicious. Mixed fruit, mangos, papaya, pina and coco mixed with a splash of your favorite spirit can liven up any basic fruit drink here.Aguachiles

Aguachiles perfected a vegetarian taco, which I’m not even sure was on the menu; we just asked for a vegetarian taco and woooiee, this was the most delicious tasting taco ever!! (25 pesos). They sauteed some smaller size veggies and sprouts and voila! Taste bud eruption. The fact that I can literally just have a satisfying meal from the hard tortillas & squeeze bottled table salsa when you order makes me happy. They are really tasty with any dish …or alone 🙂Aguachiles

My friend, had three separate salad wraps, los figurines a house specialty with shrimp, Sashimi tuna and scallops ranging from 39.50-42.50 pesos. Those same fillings and others are also served with tostados and tacos among other fillings for around the same price.


The house guacamole is  amazing,  it runs around 69 pesos with pico de gallo and, homemade tortillas topped with organic sunflower sprouts!! With a dash of salt …yum

The menu is fill with so many choices, definitely try to check them out while staying at Posada Yum Kin. Check out our page “Getting Around Tulum” to find the location of Aquachiles.

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