Pizza la nave tulum

La Nave Pizzeria

La Nave Pizzeria is situated on Tulum Boulevard in the center of the “pueblo” just a few minutes from Posada Yum Kin Hotel. Arriving at La Nave you will be greated by the friendly waitstaff and owners.Pizza la nave tulum

Italian specialties are abundant in this open, spacious setting. The decor is that of a ship and waiters, the “sailors” will get you varieties of smoothies to your hearts desire. They offer Mango, Cocos, and Pina just to name a few and start at 40 pesos.

They have one of the only Brick ovens in Tulum where the famous pizzas are made!! (90-135 pesos) topping include but not limited to fresh basil, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. Their fresh bread is available at 7 a.m (take out as well) 8 pesos for a nice sized roll (maybe to make a sandwich for the beach) and larger breads are 20 pesos. My party chose a delicious fresh antipasta for 100 pesos, which included grilled veggies, tomatoes, brushetta, olives, provolone and artichoke.

Pizza la nave tulumWe also had calzones, which is a breaded kind of roll with a filling. Those start at 115 pesos and are a nice size with cheese filling.

Shrimp kabobs are 180 pesos and also are equally huge and can be shared. Of course, all of the fish is caught within hours of it being on your plate.
A Negro Modelo or Pacifico, both local beers are just 35 pesos and go well with everything on the menu.

They also offer wine and liquor. La Nave is known for its variety of HOMEADE pasta. The ghocci (potato filled pasta) is just amazing, it has a topping of cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzeralla and parmesian. They make an alla sorrentino (oven baked ) version for 120 pesos and a fettucini al Pompadoro to name just two varieties. The creamy sauce is perfectly seasoned with fresh herbs locally grown.

May I suggest the crepe for dessert. Filled with nutella or honey for 60 pesos.

La Nave is located on Tulum Ave and Orion North. 984-871-2592 They accept Visa and Mastercard with a 3% service charge