A Bottle To Go; Taking Alcohol Home

At Posada Yum Kin Hotel in Tulum, Mexico we often discover after-the-fact that guests have purchased some of the area’s popular alcoholic beverages like Tequila and Kahlua to take home. These are often so much more affordable when purchased in Mexico, where they are made.

Buyer Beware!

BUT… many people are unaware when they buy their alcohol that they are saddling themselves with a great travel burden and setting themselves for a potential disaster. Why?

Enter the age of Airport Security.

Many people buy their alcohol expecting to carry it on the airplane. Plain and simple, if you have connecting flights to or through the U.S. then you are allowed to only carry it on the very first flight. As soon as you connect, liquids, a.k.a. alcohol need to move into your checked luggage or be forfeited. This leaves many people having to shuffle just after going through their stressful custom procedures. Repacking a bag on-the-fly is a nasty task: dirty clothes to sort through, glass bottles to add in with your souvenirs and how do you get it all in that bag that was full in the first place? One asks oneself, “was this really worth it?”

Still not convinced?

Okay, so I haven’t scared you off? Then, let me share a couple of tips to making the most of taking alcohol home.

1) Consider booking a direct flight. If you can avoid a connection, then you can carry bottles all the way.

2) Buy it at the airport –it will cost you less. Airport duty-free shopping and their bulk buying practices keep prices low. (But here again, you’ll have to plan ahead on how you will fit it safely into your luggage).

3) Bring 2-gallon Ziplock bags, put the bottle in and seal, pack around clothes in a hard-side piece of luggage, if possible.

And when you get home?

Enjoy! There’s nothing like recreating a cocktail recipe that you enjoyed while sitting near the pool at Posada Yum Kin!

Posada Yum Kin, with its multi-lingual staff, is an eco-friendly, 9-unit, boutique, all suite hotel in Tulum, Mexico and features fully-equipped kitchens, a new pool and complimentary breakfasts. It possesses a ‘real Mexico’ atmosphere, but fully concentrates on luxury, while offering a little bit of condo convenience.

For more information or to book your next visit, email Julie or Dan at Posada Yum Kin.