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5 Reasons to Start Planning Your Winter Vacation Now

Make the most of this year’s winter vacation by starting your planning now. With countless things to do and close proximity to the best activities, Tulum is quickly becoming the top place to stay in the Riviera Maya area. Of course, Posada Yum Kin, an all-suite, boutique hotel in Tulum, is at the top of that short list. Why wait until everyone else is booking? They’ll only drive up prices and maybe even keep you from your favorite time slot.Suite Itzamna Living Room view

Posada Yum Kin, a boutique hotel in Tulum

Here are 5 reasons to consider planning your vacation ahead of time:

1) Get The Room You Want – Reserving ahead of time gives you first choice on staying in the suite you like best.

2) Flexible Deposits – Pay half now on your room charge and pay the other half when you arrive. It’s kind of like a layaway plan. Won’t that make managing your budget a little easier?

3) Shop Airfare – Getting the best airfare is always tricky. What we have found works best is setting up a Trip Advisor alert. Set it up and relax! You’ll get an email when prices drop, but don’t wait too long, others are booking now! Also, check with your favorite travel agent and ask about available charters in your area to Cancun. Sometimes they even have non-stop flights.

4) Look Your Best – Swimsuit time? Planning ahead lets you work on that inch you can pinch and lets you do some ‘clearance sale’ shopping for new items for your wardrobe.

5) Save Time – Make the most of your time by planning activities, excursions, and tours ahead of time. 

Look through our website News, Activities and Events column (Tip – subscribe, and receive our updates via email), find the excursions that appeal to you and your family the most and then email Julie. Some things are best set up ahead and some can be done on a whim, Julie can help you sort it out!

Chime in and let us know how planning ahead has helped you have your best vacation!

Posada Yum Kin, with its multi-lingual staff, is an eco-friendly, 9-unit, boutique, all suite hotel in Tulum, Mexico and features fully-equipped kitchens, a new pool and complimentary breakfasts. It possesses a ‘real Mexico’ atmosphere, but fully concentrates on luxury, while offering a little bit of condo convenience.

For more information or to book your next visit, email Julie or Dan at Posada Yum Kin.