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Posada Yum Kin Online Adds New Translation Feature

Posada Yum Kin (PYK), Tulum, Mexico, Online now features page-by-page translations for up to 36 languages. Non-English speaking guests will find the easy translation pages of to be the best source of information on the hotel, Riviera Maya and Tulum areas.

This feature is located at the top of the side bar of each page.Translate Button

Simply click on the button with the flags and the word ‘Translate’ and you will be offered translation to 11 of the most widely-used languages with an additional option to choose from all 36 languages.Translate

Located just south of Playa del Carmen, on what is now known as the Riviera Maya in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Tulum’s claim to fame is that it possesses the best beaches, which are made up of uninterrupted miles of amazingly, soft, powdery, white sand. Scuba and snorkeling in the area is superb. Peaceful Tulum’s top-rated dining and Tiki bars await. This unspoiled, non-commercialized area of Mexico is well suited for European tastes.

About Posada Yum Kin: This eco-friendly, 9-unit, boutique hotel in Tulum, Mexico features fully equipped kitchens, a new pool and complimentary breakfasts. It possesses a ‘real Mexico’ atmosphere, but fully concentrates on luxury, while offering a little bit of condo convenience.

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