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3 Basics for Your Vacation In Tulum

Your time at Posada Yum Kin, will most likely be some of the most carefree days you will ever spend. Here are a few things you will want to know as your vacation in Tulum begins:


110 volts, 60 cycles, same as in the US.


Vacation Spending Money

mexican pesoBefore you can begin your long awaited vacation, you’ll want to consider your spending money.  The Mexican peso is the local currency. Dollars are accepted almost everywhere.

There are 3 banks in Tulum: HSBC,  Scotiabank and Bancomer.  All have ATMs. You can withdraw a maximum amount of $MXN 3,000 pesos a day. You can cash Travelers Checks at the bank only.

Money exchange is available in Tulum in a “casa de cambio” or money exchange house.


Local calls- The area code (Lada) for Tulum is 984 and is 998 as you get closer to Cancun. All local numbers have seven digits.

Land lines- If a number is written 984-873-1234, when in the same Lada, you would dial 873-1234.

Land line to Mobile- Dial 044 or 045 before the 10-digit number (example- 044-984-873-1234).

Mobile to Mobile- Just dial the 10-digit number (example- 984-873-1234).

Long-distance- To call the United States & Canada, first dial 001. For all other countries dial 00. For an international operator, dial 090. To call other cities in Mexico, dial 01, for a Mexican operator, dial 020.

Have your laptop? It is strongly recommended that you use a Skype account. You will need to add some money to it, but can call very affordably worldwide from your own room.

No laptop? Then we recommend that you purchase an International calling card that is valid in Mexico. These can be purchased at many major retail and drug stores in the US.

Posada Yum Kin is an eco-friendly, 9-unit, boutique hotel in Tulum, Mexico and features fully equipped kitchens, a new pool and complimentary breakfasts. It possesses a ‘real Mexico’ atmosphere, but fully concentrates on luxury, while offering a little bit of condo convenience.

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