Escondio Cenote Diving

Escondido Cenote

Cenotes !! You know you've reached paradise when along the main…

One Stop Shopping near PYK Hotel in Tulum

So you've arrived at your destination, PYK Hotel in Tulum, get…

Mojito Bar near PYK Hotel in Tulum

Near Posada Yum Kin Hotel in Tulum, is Batey, Mojito and Guarapo…
smiling waitress with platters of food

Aquachiles of Tulum

Aquachiles of Tulum has definitely got to be one of the best…
Streetview of La Nave Pizzeria in Tulum, Mexico

La Nave Pizzeria

Italian specialties are abundant with open dining. La Nave Pizzeria, in the center of the "pueblo", is just a few minutes from Posada Yum Kin Hotel.

Amazing Personal Photo Shoot

Amazing Personal Photo Shoot sessions are back with Jennifer…

Fodor's Recommends Posada Yum Kin Hotel Tulum

We are happy to announce that Fodors has recommended Posada Yum Kin Hotel Tulum in a post entitled Cheap and Chic Beach Vacations.
Welcome Poinsettia from PYK

Merry Christmas from Posada Yum Kin

Merry Christmas from Posada Yum Kin! To all our PYK friends,…

Mayan Ruins - The Path Less Traveled

While staying at Posada Yum Kin Hotel Tulum, guests can take…
Bi-Coastal Images Cenote

Searching for the perfect cenotes near Tulum

Here's a great article from Jennifer Salazar of Bi-Coastal Living…