Fountain at Xcaret Mexico

So Much To Do at Xcaret Park -Part One

Fountain at Xcaret Mexico

Located a little over a half hour drive north of Posada Yum Kin Hotel in Tulum, the eco-theme park, Xcaret (pronounced eesh-carette), which means ‘little inlet’ offers something for everyone. Xcaret is a great way to really FILL a day. In fact, a full day is sometimes not enough time to experience it all; from snorkeling in underground rivers, caves and cenotes to walking through the zoo that includes jaguars, monkeys and manatees to watching the evening show,Mexico Espectacular’, plan to be kept very busy while visiting Xcaret.

Xcaret Park

While snorkeling in Xcaret’s underground river, take in the unique rock formations and marine fossils. Explore this magical world while swimming from one end of Xcaret to the other -underground. You will pass through caves, which often offer little lighting. Consider this factor if taking small children on this excursion.

Xcaret Underground Snorkeling

Xcaret Wildlife Park -picture of a deer grazingThe cool waters are inviting during the summer heat, but when the cool fall and winter temperatures arrive it may become too cold for swimming; watch the forecast and plan accordingly. It will take approximately 45min. to 1 hour to swim through the river. Bring your own snorkel gear or rent them for a fee directly at Xcaret. At the end of your swim, you can rest in a hammock, swim in natural pools by the sea, or walk a bit further to a little creek with beautiful turquoise water and white sand.

Surrounding the area where you can swim with the Dolphins (for an additional fee), step onto the white sand beaches (#4 on site map) and take a dip in the gentle waters within the sheltered lagoon. Then walk on a path along the rocky coast to the incredible pools that create a Jacuzzi-like effect, filled with water fed directly from the ocean. Cool stuff!


Sea Turtles at Xcaret Mexico

Coral Reef Aquarium – A popular exhibit is the coral reef aquarium featuring local species and reefs in their natural habitat.

Regional Wildlife Zoo – Local species of deer, jaguars, pumas, manatees, tapirs, sea turtles, Howler monkeys and spider monkeys are interspersed throughout the park creating a zoo to enjoy as you walk through the park.
Butterfly Pavilion – Enter the world of the butterfly! This net-enclosed building holds some of the largest and most beautiful butterflies you will ever see.

Living Museum of Orchids – A brief stop here is all you need, unless you are a botanist. The Orchids are lovely and be sure to stop by the adjacent Mushroom Farm.

Orchids at Xcaret Mexico


As evening falls, do not miss the Mexico Espectacular! Plan ahead though this show last several hours and falls over the usual dinner period. Read further in our previous article here.

Details and more…

Other things to see within the park, and included in your ticket, are a tropical jungle trail, stained-glass plaza, the House of Whispers and a rotating scenic observation tower, which provides an excellent view of the area including Playa del Carmen.

The park is open all year long from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm. Parking is free. An ATM and public phones are available in the Main Plaza. Dressing rooms and showers are located within the park and require an additional charge or upscaled ticket. Buffet meals are served at various locations, review sites report that food quality is good, but prices are high (approx. $30 each). Dinner is available also during the evening performance, making it a timely choice. Xcaret packages are available, but include only one dinner and one beer, for a package for two.

Posada Yum Kin, with its multi-lingual staff, is an eco-friendly, 9-unit, boutique, all suite hotel in Tulum, Mexico and features fully-equipped kitchens, a new pool and complimentary breakfasts. It possesses a ‘real Mexico’ atmosphere, but fully concentrates on luxury, while offering a little bit of condo convenience.

For more information or to book your next visit, email Julie or Dan at Posada Yum Kin.